Hollow Shaft Magnetic Powder Clutch

Hollow Shaft Magnetic Powder Clutch

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PRE-A1 Hollow Shaft Shell Rotating Magnetic Powder Clutch

Brand Name: PRE Converting PRE-A1 Series
Application: For all kinds of printing & converting machines need rewinding
Voltage: 24V DC
MAX Rotation Speed: 1000rpm/min
Rated Torque: 0.6kgfm--20kgfm
Current: 0.7A-2.5A
Colour: Gray


PRE-A1 shell rotating magnetic powder clutch,hollow shaft support, rated voltage DC24V

PRE-A1 Model: 6N.m 12N.m 25N.m 50N.m 100N.m 200N.m

The hollow shaft magnetic particle clutch is consistent with the working principle of the powder clutch, but the two are slightly different in structure and design. Please pay attention to the input side and the output side. The hollow shaft magnetic powder clutch is divided into two types:The inner shell rotating hollow shaft magnetic powder clutch and outer shell rotating type hollow shaft magnetic powder clutch. When the magnetic powder clutch and the clutch are used for continuous sliding of winding and unwinding, the product and life are different depending on the conditions of use.

The normal installation method uses the adjustment of the rotating side as the input side to use the magnetic powder brake clutch. Multi-connected multi-axis, turret winding and other continuous idling are used in the high-speed rotation of the input-side reverse mounting, which is not conducive to the torque characteristics. The service life of iron powder is not recommended. In addition, the brakes and clutches are used in principle on the horizontal axis and cannot be used in the vertical type.

When the powder clutch is installed, depending on the use of the equipment, the input mounting end is often connected with a flexible coupling, a load shaft, a pulley, a synchronous wheel, and the like. When the input example sentence is not coaxial with the center of the powder clutch, a lateral force is often applied to the clutch to cause the bending moment deformation of the magnetic powder clutch input rotor. By adding shaft support to the magnetic powder clutch input end, the support process is reduced. The input shaft is deformed, which greatly prolongs the service life of the product.

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Item Name: PRE-A1 Hollow Shaft Shell Rotating Type Magnetic Powder Clutch
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity): 1Pc
Lead time: 3-5 days after receiving the deposit
Calculated Weight: According to different models
Package:Carton/Wooden Box
Price Term: EXW,FOB, CIF, etc
Payment term: TT,L/C,Western Union
Country of Origin: China
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