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Inkjet variable QR code printer -C2

Inkjet variable QR code printer -C2

Guangdong AROJET Ink Jet Technology Co., Ltd.
Warranty1 year
Product groupInkjet Printers


Inkjet variable QR code printer -C2
Product Oerview

C2 is AROJET model of medium-speed roll or sheet variable data inkjet printing machine, with the printing speed up to 45m/min. 72mm of printhead width makes it suitable for wide-format printing, and a large versatile, cost-reasonable UV inkjet printing applications.
UV inkjet technology means less pre-treatment material and less post-print coating work required compared to other printing technologies, such as flexography, gravure, screen printing and water-based inkjet printing. C2 model brings you both cost-effective and practical inkjet printing solutions.

Product Features

? Medium-speed, wide-format.
? Industrial piezoelectric KONICA 1024 print head.
? Seamless stitching, perfect inkjet printing.
? Sheet-fed, roll to roll.
? Self-designed printing software, streamlined workflow.
? Easy operation and simple maintenance.

Product Applications

● Can be installed online in the platforms as below:
◇ Single sheet or roll to roll feeding platform
◇ Polishing & laminating equipment
◇ Bottle cap machine
◇ Paging machine
◇ Labeling machine
● Can be applied to a wide range of industries as below:
◇ Printing industry for One-dimensional code, two-dimensional Code, identification code, etc.
◇ Paper, film, card, board
◇ Printing iron, glass, ceramics
◇ Food, beverage and wine
◇ Medicine, drug and health care product
◇ Hardware, electronics, daily chemicals, building materials

Print Head

C2 AROJET model uses KONICA piezoelectric 1024 print head. 72mm wide-format printing greatly increases the production efficiency. Fully enclosed water-proof and anti-aging print head has long service life. The print head can print up to 8 kinds of ink droplets with minimum 6pl and maximum 50pl, which has better control over the printed images, reproduce smooth color progressively and accurate match tones. High printing resolution can be achieved. When the printing speed is 30m/min. the resolution reaches 360*300dpi.
The print head for C2 model can be compact installed to improve the printing quality. With its distinctive features of medium speed and wide format, C2 model can satisfy customers from many industries with various data inkjet coding and marking demands.

Printing Software
The MagicData software used in C2 model has gained self-design copyright with strong functions. It can be tailor-made according to customer requirements to satisfy customer versatile demands.
※ Create main interface with intuitive preview
※ Support to load data source file
※ Combine and separate
※ Template management
※ Flexible layout design tools

Printing Ink
AROJET C2 model uses UV curing ink. UV curing is widely adopted in inkjet printing industry. UV curing ink has three major characteristics: energy-saving drying, extensive printing adaptability for printing materials, high-speed curing can shorten the follow-up processing time. The fourth characteristic of UV curing on inkjet printing is digital processing.
With the continuously improvement of the manufacturing and control technology of the inkjet printing, UV printing can meet diversified demands. In addition, UV ink does not include organic solvents, and is completely harmless to both human health and environment. UV ink is becoming more and more popular with many customers.
※ Inkjet printability
※ Anti-scratch, friction resistance and anti-corrosive
※ Hazardous substance content conforms to RoHS standard.
Inkjet variable QR code printer -C2

Company information

Guangdong AROJET Ink Jet Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 553 Wusha Community, S358 Provincial Road, Changan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Phone: +86 18826807908
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