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Insulating Liquids Purification Machine, Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

Insulating Liquids Purification Machine, Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

by Chongqing Junsun Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd
China | Manufacturer
Warranty1 year
Product groupMachine Oil Purifier
Bikudo Id864762


JS-ZYD Series Double Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier is specially designed for treating transformer oil and other kinds of insulating oil in the oil-filled electrical equipment. Through degasification, dehydration, filtration process, the dissolved gases and moisture, solid particulate, contamination can be effectively removed.

1. Double stage vacuum pumping system: based on the vacuum pump, this machine also installs the root vacuum pump, with a high pumping speed, the machine can reach a very good final vacuum.

2. Vacuum dewatering chamber with specially designed and exclusive "T" shape, advanced degassing and dehydration technology, which eliminates gas and humidity very quickly and efficiently.

3. High precision three stage oil filtration system (including primary filter, secondary filter, fine filter), which gradually increases the accuracy, which can effectively eliminate the mechanical impurities of the oil.

4. Equipped with automatic temperature control system, automatic oil level control system, automatic defoaming control system, automatic pressure protection system, which guarantees safe and reliable operation in the long term.

5. Equipped with interlocking protection system, which connect the oil pump, electric heater and oil level controller, avoid blank heating, blank pumping, oil leakage and leakage of electricity. If there is a fault, the machine will be switched off automatically.

6. Equipped with high efficiency electric heating system, the uniformity of the heating oil, prevents deterioration of the oil in the heating process.

7. This machine can be operated both online and offline. In addition, it can be used as an independent vacuum pump system for the evacuation operation of the transformer (if you need this function, inform us before manufacturing).

8. After the treatment, the technical parameters and the performance of the transformer oil will be recovered, the oil rupture tension can reach up to 70KV in an ideal condition.
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