Kobelco CK1000 CK1600 crawler crane track shoe

Kobelco CK1000 CK1600 crawler crane track shoe

by Shandong Value Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd
China | Manufacturer | Call: 15063853978
Product groupConstruction Machinery Parts
Bikudo Id850630


Kobelco CK1000 CK1600 crawler crane track shoe should be installed in the same direction to form the belt of the head and tail. In this way, the operation uniformity is good, the wear of Kobelco CK1000 CK1600 crawler crane track shoe is low, and the driving efficiency is high when walking.

Material: 35SiMn, 28CrMnMo, 31Mn2SiMo
Technology: Casting
Heat Treatment: Whole quenching and tempering, then surface hardening
Warranty: 2000-2500 working hours

2.Package: Pallet

3.Available hot model:
Kobelco BM500, Kobelco BM600, Kobelco BM650, Kobelco BM700, Kobelco BM700HD, Kobelco BM700HD-2, Kobelco BM750, Kobelco BM800, Kobelco BM800HD, Kobelco BM900, Kobelco BM900HD, Kobelco BM1000, Kobelco BM1200, Kobelco BME800, Kobelco BME800HD, Kobelco BMS800, Kobelco BMS900, Kobelco BMS1000, Kobelco CK800, Kobelco CK850, Kobelco CK850-II, Kobelco CK850-III, Kobelco CK850G, Kobelco CK850-2F, Kobelco CK900, Kobelco CK1000, Kobelco CK1000-II, Kobelco CK1000-III, Kobelco CK1000G, Kobelco CK1100, Kobelco CK1100G, Kobelco CK1600, Kobelco CK1600-II, Kobelco CK2000, Kobelco CK2000-II, Kobelco CK2500, Kobelco CK2500-II, Kobelco CK2750, Kobelco CK2750G, CKS600, Kobelco CKS800, Kobelco CKS900, Kobelco CKS1100, Kobelco CKS1350, Kobelco CKS2500, Kobelco CKE600, Kobelco CKE700, Kobelco CKE800, Kobelco CKE800G, Kobelco CKE800G-2. Kobelco CKE800-1F, Kobelco CKE850, Kobelco CKE900, Kobelco CKE1000, Kobelco CKE1100, Kobelco CKE1200, Kobelco CKE1350, Kobelco CKE1350-1F, Kobelco CKE1800, Kobelco CKE1800-1F, Kobelco CKE2500, Kobelco CKE2500-II, Kobelco CKE2500G, Kobelco P&H60P, Kobelco P&H70P, Kobelco P&H75P, Kobelco P&H85P-60C, Kobelco P&H100P, Kobelco P&H315, Kobelco P&H320, Kobelco P&H325, Kobelco P&H330, Kobelco P&H335, Kobelco P&H335AS,Kobelco P&H345,Kobelco P&H440,Kobelco P&H550A, Kobelco P&H550-1,Kobelco P&H550-2, Kobelco P&H550S, Kobelco P&H550.S2, Kobelco 5035, Kobelco 5045, Kobelco 5055, Kobelco 5080, Kobelco 5100, Kobelco 5170, Kobelco 7035,Kobelco 7045, Kobelco 7050, Kobelco 7055, Kobelco 7055-1, Kobelco 7055-2, Kobelco 7055-3F, Kobelco 7065,Kobelco 7065-2, Kobelco 7070, Kobelco 7080, Kobelco 7080-2, Kobelco 7090, Kobelco 7100, Kobelco 7120, Kobelco 7120-1F, Kobelco 7150, Kobelco 7200, Kobelco 7250, Kobelco 7250S,Kobelco 7250-2, Kobelco 7250-2F, Kobelco 7300, Kobelco FS80, Kobelco FS90, Kobelco SL4500,Kobelco SL6000, Kobelco TK550, Kobelco SK1600D, etc.
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