Low Pass Filter

Low Pass Filter

Min. order1 pcs
Payment termsTT, Paypal
Sample priceNegotiable
Brand nameUIY
Model numberUIYLPFxxx
Dimensions per unitCustomized
Product certificationsISO 9001
UsageMilitary, space and commercial applications.
CustomizationSize, frequency, power and so on.
Warranty1 year
PackagingPaper box
Lead time4 weeks
HTS code8517709000


Low Pass Filter

Frequency range up to 20 GHz

Military, space and commercial applications.

Low insertion loss, high isolation, high power handling.

Custom design available upon request.

Low Pass Filter

Model No. Pass Band IL. VSWR Rejection Power Connector Temp. Dimension
(MHz) (dB) (W) Type (°C) LxWxH(mm)
UIYLPF3512A 87~108 2.0 1.5 40dB @150~165MHz 10 SMA -40~+85 35×12×10

UIYLPF9080A DC-170 0.5 1.3 45dB @850MHz 100 N, SMA -40~+85 90×80×22

UIYLPF4012A 5~285 2.0 1.5 45dB @330~650MHz 5 SMA -40~+85 40.4×12×10

UIYLPF18026A DC-490 0.5 1.3 45dB @850MHz 100 N, SMA -40~+85 180×26×20

UIYLPF4520A DC-894 1.0 1.45 70dB @1760~2668MHz 5 SMA -40~+85 45×20×12

UIYLPF8863A DC-900 1.2 1.8 50dB @1.2~2.0GHz 30 SMA -40~+85 88.5×63×12

UIYLPF19048A DC-1000 1.5 1.5 50dB @1.4~1.9GHz 30 N, SMA -40~+85 190×48×12

UIYLPF6420A DC-1800 0.2 1.5 20dB @3220~3253MHz 10 SMA -40~+85 64×20×16
25dB @4830~4879.5MHz
30dB @6440~6506MHz

UIYLPF5038A DC-2000 1.0 1.8 50dB @2.3~2.4GHz 30 SMA -40~+85 50×38×12

UIYLPF17227A DC-2170 1.5 1.5 40dB @2.4~2.5GHz 100 N, SMA -40~+85 172×27.6×21.6

UIYLPF4630A DC-2300 1.0 1.8 40dB @2700~6000MHz 10 SMA -40~+85 46×30×12

UIYLPF8132A DC-2600 1.5 1.8 30dB @3100~15000MHz 10 SMA -40~+85 81×32×12

UIYLPF8032A 500~2850 1.5 1.8 45dB @3200~6000MHz 5 SMA -40~+85 80×32×12

UIYLPF4832A DC-3000 1.0 1.8 50dB @3.5~6.0GHz 30 SMA -40~+85 48×32×12

UIYLPF4125A DC-4000 1.0 1.8 50dB @4.7~8.0GHz 30 SMA -40~+85 41×25×12

UIYLPF3325A DC-5000 1.0 1.8 50dB @5.8~10.0GHz 30 SMA -40~+85 33×25×12

UIYLPF3322A DC-7000 1.0 1.8 50dB @8.1~14.0GHz 30 SMA -40~+85 33×22×12

UIYLPF3022A DC-8000 1.0 1.8 50dB @9.3~15.0GHz 30 SMA -40~+85 30×22×12

UIYLPF2522A DC-9000 1.0 2.0 50dB @12.0~16.0GHz 30 SMA -40~+85 25×22×12

UIYLPF2522B DC-10000 1.0 2.0 50dB @12.0~16.0GHz 30 SMA -40~+85 25×22×12

UIYLPF2522C DC-12000 1.0 2.0 50dB @14.0~17.0GHz 30 SMA -40~+85 25×22×12

UIYLPF2319A DC-13000 1.0 2.0 50dB @15.0~17.0GHz 30 SMA -40~+85 23×19×12

About us

UIY Inc. was established in 2003 in Shenzhen, China, with the registered capital of 200 million yuan (about 32 million dollars). It is an integrated enterprise, which includes research, production, marketing and service for the civilian and military microwave communications device. The products are sold all over the world. Relying on industrial advantages and excellent professional skills, UIY won reputation and public praise in the microwave communications industry under experienced domestic and international operation mode. The frequency range from 300 KHz to 110 GHz and average power up to 20 KW, its products are widely used in civil, military, aerospace, space technology and other fields.

UIY has always been adhering to the ‘Customer Oriented, Technology Leading, Integrity First, Bold Innovation’ management philosophies, and believe in the ‘Technical advantage is the foundation, market demand is the guidance’. Since its establishment, UIY has been keeping in-depth cooperation and communication with renowned enterprises, institutions, scientific research institutions all over the world, laid the technical foundation for product development and research. During the constant developing and expanding period, UIY kept pursuing for more excellent enterprise quality. Steadily changing from a professional company to a diversified enterprise. Welcome partners from all over the world to cooperate with UIY, to feel the entrepreneurship strength in UIY. Wish to create a beautiful tomorrow with you together!

Main products

RF Isolators
RF Circulators
RF Filters
RF Amplifiers
Power Divider/Splitter
Hybridge Combiner
Coaxial Termination
Coaxial Attenuator
Directional Coupler
Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter

Due to the diversity of spec, we are unable to display all products.
If you have any parameter questions about frequency, power, insertion loss etc, pls feel free to contact us directly.
Low Pass Filter

Company information

3/F, Building A5, Shenbao Power Industrial Park
Shenzhen 518116, China.

Phone: +8675525999990
Primary products
RF isolator and circulator, filter...
Year established
Business type
Number of employees
Markets served
Company certifications
ISO 9001
Annual revenue
5000000 USD
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