Low-Priced Tung Oil Wholesale

Low-Priced Tung Oil Wholesale

Yunnan Huayan Trade Co., Ltd
FOB price$3500-4200/Ton
Min. order15.2MT
Payment termsT/T
Lead timeimmediately


Tung Oil Quick Details

Chemical Name: Tung Oil
CAS No.8001-20-5
Appearance: Light yellow oily liquid

Tung Oil Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Density 0.936-0.9395
Refractive Index 20°C 1.5185-1.5225
Iodine value 163-173
Saponification value 190-195
Moisture and Impurity 0.1%
Acid value 3.0
Worstall's heat test   7min 30 sec
Beta Tung Oil Test beta   no crystalline precipitate
Tung Oil Usage

It is the main raw material for the manufacture of paints and inks. It is widely used as waterproof,
anti-corrosion and anti-rust paint for construction, machinery, weapons, vehicles, boats,
fishing gear and electrical appliances. It can also be used to make tarpaulins, oil paper,
soap, pesticides and vomiting agents for medicine. Insecticides, etc.

Tung Oil Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 190kg/Drum

Delivery: Sea or air
Low-Priced Tung Oil Wholesale

Company information

Yunnan Huayan Trade Co., Ltd
Liancheng Town,Guangnan County, Wenshan Zhuang
and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Wenshan, Yunnan, China;

Phone: 8613984494849
Primary products
Tung Oil
Year established
Business type
Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Number of employees
Markets served
North America, South America, Asia, Europe
Company certifications
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