Mini PCB Slip Ring in Smart Toys

Mini PCB Slip Ring in Smart Toys

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Conductive slip rings are widely used in many smart toys, such as turntable tank models, helicopter models, and intelligent robots. When it comes to toys, it is associated with Chinese manufacturing, especially smart toys. Indeed, there are many factories specializing in the manufacture of toys in the Pearl River Delta region, and smart toys must use conductive slip rings. Most of these companies that manufacture smart toys do export and trade.

Can the conductive slip ring be used in smart toys? Many European and American toy brands are produced in China. In toys, high-end toys are smart toys. With the diversification of toys, the competition of toys has become increasingly fierce. Under the fierce market competition, smart toys have become a market for strength manufacturers to compete for. In a smart toy, a conductive slip ring is like a human joint. It not only connects mechanical parts that can rotate, but also transmits current and even signals.

In smart toys, conductive slip rings are essential. Many toys are small in size and require miniature conductive slip rings. With the increasing demand for smart toys, the technology of conductive slip rings is also becoming more and more advanced. Industrial slip ring / conductive slip ring is a kind of precision part, with small volume, and the price is not high, it is very suitable for application in smart toys.
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