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Model SP-L1W-L Automatic Auger Filling Machine(By Weighing)

Model SP-L1W-L Automatic Auger Filling Machine(By Weighing)

Product groupFilling Machines
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Model SP-L1W-L Automatic Auger Filling Machine
(By Weighing)

Descriptive abstract

This Machine is a complete, economical solution to your filling production line requirements.can measuring and filling powder and granular. It consists of the Weighing and Filling Head, an independent motorized chain conveyor mounted on a sturdy, stable frame base, and all necessary accessories to reliably move and position containers for filling, dispense the required amount of product, then quickly move the filled containers away to other equipment in your line (e.g., cappers, labelers, etc.).Based on the feedback sign given by below weight sensor, this machine do measuring and two-filling , and work,etc.It fits more to the fluidic or low-fluidity materials, like milk powder, albumen powder, pharmaceuticals, condiment, solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee, agriculture pesticide, granular additive, and so on.

Main features

Stainless steel structure;Quick disconnecting or split hopper could be washed easily without tools.
Servo motor drive screw.
Pneumatic platform equip with load cell to handle two speeds filling as per preset weight. Featured with high speed and accuracy weighing system.
PLC control, touch screen display, easy to operate.
Two filling modes can be inter-changeable,fill by volume or fill by weight.Fill by volume featured with high speed but low accuracy.Fill by weight featured with high accuracy but low speed.

Save the parameter of different filling weight for different materials.To save 10 sets at most.
Replacing the auger parts,it is suitable for material from super thin powder to granule.

Main Technical Data

Dosing mode Dosing by weighing
Filling weight 10 – 5000g
Filling Accuracy 100-1000g, ≤±2g; ≥1000g, ≤±0.1-0.2%
Filling Speed 5 – 10 bottles per min
Power Supply 3P AC208 - 415V 50/60Hz
Air Supply 6 kg/cm2 0.05m3/min
Total power 2.45Kw
Total Weight 400kg
Overall Dimensions 2000×970×2030mm
Hopper Volume 75L

Deploy List

No. Name Model Specification PRODUCING AREA, Brand
1 Stainless steel SUS304 China
2 PLC FBs-40MAT Taiwan Fatek
3 HMI Schneider
4 Servo motor TSB13102B-3NTA Taiwan TECO
5 Servo driver TSTEP30C Taiwan TECO
6 Agitator motor GV-28 0.4kw,1:30 Taiwan WANSHSIN
7 Switch LW26GS-20 Wenzhou Cansen
8 Emergency switch Schneider
9 EMI Filter ZYH-EB-10A Beijing ZYH
10 Contactor CJX2 1210 Schneider
11 Hot relay NR2-25 Schneider
12 Circuit breaker Schneider
13 Relay MY2NJ 24DC Schneider
14 Switching power supply Changzhou Chenglian
15 Loadcell 10kg Shanxi Zemic
16 Photo sensor BR100-DDT Korea Autonics
17 Level sensor CR30-15DN Korea Autonics
18 Conveyor motor 90YS120GY38 Xiamen JSCC
19 Conveyor Gear box 90GK(F)25RC Xiamen JSCC
20 Pneumatic cylinder TN16×20-S 2 Taiwan AirTAC
21 Fiber RiKO FR-610 Korea Autonics
22 Fiber receiver BF3RX Korea Autonics
Model SP-L1W-L Automatic Auger Filling Machine(By Weighing)

Company information

Address: No.86, Xisanzhuang Street, Shijiazhuang, China
Phone: +86-0311-66693082
Year established
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