Mono Diamond Plate

Mono Diamond Plate

by More Super Hard Products Co., Ltd
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Synthetic diamond single crystal are synthetic diamonds produced under high temperature and high pressure (HTHP) conditions.
We have a high quality management process to strictly control the growth conditions to ensure that the size and physical properties

Our Size

single crystal diamond feature
Synthetic diamond single crystal high hardness,
Good wear resistance and toughness
high strength,
Good thermal stability.
And non-ferrous metal friction coefficient is low,
Good resistance to sticking
Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical stability,
Can grind extremely sharp tool,
Is considered to be the ideal ultra-precision cutting tool material.

Synthetic diamond single crystal for the automotive, machine tools, bearings, tools, hydraulic, aerospace, jewelry processing, watches, equipment manufacturing and other fields,it is grinding and finishing high hard materials, such as cemented carbide, ceramics, precious stones, optical glass s material.

More Super Hard main production of industrial-grade single crystal and single-chip, mainly for non-ferrous metal and non-metallic materials, cutting tools, turning, all kinds of special tools such as: cutter, turning tools, carving tools, angle tools, cutting tools ect.

And Grinding wheel dressing tool, Polishing tools, wear parts and drawing die, such as acrylic, mobile shell, copper alloy bearings, dressing tools, metal jewelry,spectacle glass, wire drawing dies, piston and other finishing tools.

Our advantage
a. high quality grade
b. more pure color
c. better shape
d. rules and irregular square shapes
e. straight edge, high purity
f. high toughness and good thermal stability
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