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MS-50 Machine for Mechanical Impact Testing

MS-50 Machine for Mechanical Impact Testing

by Asli (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd
China | Manufacturer | Call: 86-769-23164266
Warranty1 year
CategoryTools & Hardware
Product groupTesting Equipment


MS-50 Machine for Mechanical Impact Testing

Mechanical Shock Tester is mainly used for small products for impact test, to assess the product's ability to withstand shock damage. It is often used in electronic components, electronic circuit boards and other environmental testing.

Shock Test bench
Shock and measure controller

Mechanical Shock and Impact Tester / features:
1. Working bench with perfect structure, good uniformity of bench's acceleration.
2. High reliable of system, safety device.
3. The saw-tooth wave and trapezoidal wave, etc. extensible.
4. Capacity of crash and impact test function.
5. Optoelectronic feedback.

technical parameters:
Load capacity (kg):50
Pulse acceleration( m/s2):50~1200
Pulse Width (ms):20~3
Frequency (times /min):10~80
Table Size (mm):500X700
Max. Dropped Height (mm):60
Pulse Type:Half Sine wave,(trapezoidal wave, and the sawtooth wave, square wave optional)
External Dimension W*H*D (mm):800*1300*1000
Weight (Kg):1100
Protection Device:Door protection, over-load protection, zero signal protection
Power:AC 220V(±10%), 1*3 Lines ,50/60HZ;AC 380V (±10%),3* 5 Lines,50/60HZ
Environmental Conditions:Temperature: 25degree ±5.0 degree humidity: <85%(25 degree)
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