PCB Slip Ring for Automatic Equipment

PCB Slip Ring for Automatic Equipment

by Victory-way Electronic(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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PCB slip ring is usually separate structure,low-cost,easy to install,adapted to work less time or intermittent operation of the environment.

This kind of slip ring is made up of two parts - surface of the ring and the brush assembly.Thick copper layer PCB is used for surface of the ring,and then the plating process of copper and hard gold,so the PCB slip ring has a high hardness and good wear resistance.The brush assembly is composed of military grade alloys brush block and heat-treated beryllium copper shrapnel,so it has the characteristics of low contact resistance, self-lubricating, Less friction dust.
It is simple structure, so it's less process, short delivery, batch fast, and easy customization.

We have many kinds of this product type. Please contact our technical staff for more information.
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