PE Gas/Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

PE Gas/Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

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PE Gas/Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Line:
Description of PE Gas/Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Line:
Diameter Scope: Φ20mm-Φ1200mm 
We designs and develops HDPE/MDPE gas and water supply pipe production line by ourselves. This pipe production line has many features, such as: special structure, high degree automation, easy operation, continuous produce stable and reliably and so on. It is also applicable for high speed extrusion of PE,PP,PPR,PERT,ABS etc. The outstanding characteristics of this production line is that it can not only produce the pure PE pipe complying with the international standard, but also produce the wire reinforcing composite plastic pipe. Plastic Pipes produced by this line have excellent stiffness, flexibility, high mechanical strength, resistance of environmental stress cracks, resistance to creep deformation, heat-linkage and so on. It has become the first choice for the city gas pipe and outdoor water pipe.  
The whole production line, from charging to stacking shall be controlled automatically by PLC, having high reliability, easy operation and maintenance. With this extrusion line, a layer or multi-layer high strength wire such as steel wire, glass fibre and polyester fibre may be winded do existing pure PE pipe to increase the pipe working pressure to 4MPA.  
HDPE/MDPE pipe extrusion line mainly includes single screw extruder, molds, vacuum calibrating water tank, spray water cooling tank, haul-off machine, cutting machine and overturning bracket. 
Extruder: HDPE/MDPE pipe extrusion line adopts high speed and efficiency of single screw extruder. The screw has barrier unit, special material mixing components and new style of barrel grooves. The extruder is equipped with low noise fan, ceramic heating ring, high speed hard gear reducer, full-automatic vacuum loader. This configuration assures good plasticization and mixing effect. It also assures high speed, stable production and great output. 
Pipe Marking Line: It is extruded by single screw extruder SJ30/25 through the composited extrusion die.
Die Head: The material of the die head is high quality 40Cr. It is the most advanced spiral or lattice die head in the world, which assures stable extrusion in the production process. In order to fit the performance of PE material and assure the stability of pipe diameter and roundness when producing thick-wall pipe with high speed, we adopt water film lubricating and water (or oil) circulation cooling. 
Vacuum Calibrating Water Tank: The body is made of high hardness and good quality stainless steel board. It has advanced water circulation and high pressure cooling system, vacuum adjusting equipment and accurate water temperature and water level automatic controlling system. The accurate bronze calibrating sleeve ensures cooling speed and molding pipe. It can be three-dimension adjusted up & down and left & right.   
Water Spray Cooling Tank: The body is made of stainless steel and the ductcoat is transparent soft PVC curtain. Stainless steel float adjusts water level and electricity controls water temperature. The nozzle material is ABS engineering plastic. The frame of the machine can be adjusted up and down. There is roller in the tank.      
Haul-off Machine: We can offer two tracks, three tracks, four tracks, five tracks and six tracks haul-off machine according to different diameter and wall thickness of the pipe. It adopts frequency conversion. Every traction frame transfers with chain which ensures every track moving simultaneously. It is pneumatic and mechanical combination clamping. The bearing has special structure which can effectively reduce the installation error.   
Cutting Machine: It is automatic dustless cutting machine. Smooth cutting section, synchronous frequency conversion drive, high accuracy and low noise. Large diameter pipe uses full-automatic planetary cutting machine. It is synchronization with the whole production line. The flexibility adjustment for the blade place and cutting depth assures cutting machine reliability.   
Control System: We can offer SIEMENS PLC controlling system which is intelligent controlling system. Also we can offer ordinary controlling system which use SIEMENS electrical parts, Omron temperature controller. Intelligent control makes the operation simpler.
PE Gas/Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

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