plastic gutter mesh

plastic gutter mesh

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Plastic Gutter Mesh is Anti Corrosion and Do Not Rust

Plastic gutter mesh is made of rigid vinyl material. It is anti corrosion and no rust. And the durable plastic mesh is easily unrolled, cut to any length with ordinary scissors and can be installed in any types of gutters. So it is convenient enough to served for your house. What is the most important, it can prevent heavy twigs, leaves and debris from blocking the gutters.

Mesh shapes are divided into diamond gutter mesh and square gutter mesh. And we can offer you various sizes of plastic gutter mesh and also can be customized.

A roll of black plastic gutter mesh on the white background, the beginning is unfolded and the other is rolled.
Diamond plastic gutter mesh

A roll of black square plastic gutter mesh on the white background.
Square plastic gutter mesh

Material: rigid vinyl.
Mesh shape: diamond gutter mesh, square gutter mesh.
Color: black.
Sizes of Plastic Gutter Mesh
Code Mesh size Mesh shape Length Width
PGMD-1 6 × 6 mm diamond 6 m 18 cm
PGMD-2 8 m 16 cm
PGMD-3 square 6 m 18 cm
PGMD-4 8 m 16 cm
PGMD-5 8 × 8 mm diamond 6 m 18 cm
PGMD-6 8 m 16 cm
PGMD-7 square 6 m 18 cm
PGMD-8 8 m 16 cm
PGMD-9 10 × 10 mm diamond 6 m 18 cm
PGMD-10 8 m 16 cm
PGMD-11 square 6 m 18 cm
PGMD-12 8 m 16 cm
Keep leaves and debris from blocking your gutters.
Design it your self.
Anti rust and corrosion.
Easy and simple to install.
Durable and flexible to use. You can cut to any length.
Fit to 5" or 6" size of gutters.
A piece of black square plastic gutter mesh is installed on the half round steel gutter.
Square plastic gutter mesh can be installed on the half round gutters.

Plastic gutter mesh is installed on the roof with hangers and several leaves on it.
Hangers can fasten the plastic mesh between the gutter and the roof.

Gutter hangers is used to prevent plastic gutter mesh to droop in the gutters and can be used with various materials of gutters. You need 8 gutter hangers per 20'.

A packet of gutter hangers on the white background.
Standard plastic gutter hangers.
plastic gutter mesh

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