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Pressure Cooker Test(PCT)

Pressure Cooker Test(PCT)

by Asli (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd
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Pressure Cooker Test(PCT)

Pressure accelerated aging test machine used to test the performance of the test product storage at high temperatures, high humidity and high temperature stress climate and environment, transport and use, and is mainly used for electrical and electronic products, components, parts, metal materials and The material in simulated high temperature, high humidity and high temperature pressure weather conditions, the performance of physical and other related products for testing

Pressure Pot TestProduct Features:
Pressure accelerated aging chamber with automatic water feature and automatic replenishment during the trial when the water is too low.
Automatic operation to be completed during the test ends, easy to use.
Pressure accelerated aging chamber temperature control: LED digital temperature controller can be set accurately test temperature, the control and display.
Pressure accelerated aging test timer: LED numeric timer, when the pot temperature reached after the start time to ensure that the test is complete.
Accurate pressure / temperature gauge always show pot pressure and relative humidity.
Running water is not discharged automatically in order to achieve optimal saturation vapor steam quality.

PCT environmental chamber/Technical parameters:
1.set temperature:+100 degree ~ +132 degree (saturated steam temperature)
2.Humidity: 100% steam humidity
3.Working pressure:1.5Kg ~ 3.2Kg/cm2 (design pressure within the barrel 4Kg/cm2) (absolute pressure)
4.Time range:000Hr ~ 999Hr
5.pressurization time: 0.00Kg ~ 1.04Kg/cm2 approximately 45 minutes
6.uniformity of temperature fluctuation:(+/-) 0.5 degreee
7.Temperature display accuracy: 0.1 degree

Aging test chamber/Security and Performance
1.chamber body overtemperature protection, walk-in labs, HAST accelerated aging high-pressure testing machine, aging room, oven, ozone aging chamber;
2.chamber body overpressure protection, walk-in high and low temperature test chamber;
3.water protection. There are alarm, UV resistant climate chamber, and automatically cut off the heating function.
4.automatic water can work continuously for more than 500 hours.
5.Auto Exhaust \ drainage function. At the end of the test
6.can be manual in the power of the state for drainage, venting.
7.test sample box a 50*160*400 (mm)
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