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Radio Frequency Wood Board Jointing Machine

Radio Frequency Wood Board Jointing Machine

by Shijiazhuang Duotian Machinery Co., Ltd.
China | Manufacturer | Call: 0311-88257313
Product groupOther Woodworking Machinery
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High Frequency( Radio Frequency) Wood Board Jointing Machine

High frequency board jointing machine is commonly used in the processing equipment of wood industrial raw materials.It joins small timbers gather to a large one.It uses high frequency heating to complete the gluing process. Compared with cold method and other heating methods, it is gradually recognized by the majority of users because it has a faster speed, higher degree of automation, and is adaptable to a wider range and costs less.

It can be used in finger joint laminated board joining,glulam board joining,solid wood joining and L-type door casing joining ,etc.
The electrical components are all imported or domestic top accessories,such as Omron,Siemens,Eaton,etc.All of the hydralic components are Taiwan's original.It adopts PLC and touch screen,simplifying the control process and operation.The program design is diverse and widely used.

Main Features

High heating rate and efficiency
Uniform heating
Easy control of heating process
Being heating selective
Biostimulation, sterilization and electrotherapy
Automatic production, low labor
Environmental protection, dust and smog free
Safe, no radiation

Model GPB-27-DT GPB-36-DT GPB-45-DT GPB-68-DT
Control Mode PLC touch screen program automatic control
Gluing Size(mm) ≥2440*1220
Gluing Thickness (mm) ≤40 ≤60 ≤80 ≤150
Total Pressure (Ton) 27 36 45 68
HF Output Power (KW) 15 20 30 50
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