Recycled Plastic Water String Granulating Line

Recycled Plastic Water String Granulating Line

by Guangdong LINA Machinery Co., LTD
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Product groupPlastic Granulators
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LINA Plastic pelletizer
LINA plastic pelletizers are the leading in domestic rubber and plastic industry, LINA’s experiences and new technologies help the company gain a number of national invention patents which ensure the stability of LINA Rubber and Plastic Extrusion Granulator. For plastic and materials with high viscosity are suitable and pelletizing line of high stickiness particles and master batch.

1.With the whole process chain units , acousto-optic alarming and rapid point of failure, such as locking features of intelligent control,All contact with the material even for stainless steel materials unit Pay attention to details, Perfect and reliable , Energy-saving and durable.

2.The use of temperature control system to guarantee the accuracy of materials on the temperature sensitivity.

3.Especially for the charging barrel and mold head, our company use foreign technology to protect and control Mold head pressure and to avoid excessive pressure caused injuries when the burst

4. Mandatory two-draft system and the single-screw feed technology portfolio not only meets the second consecutive high-demanding materials mixing, and the resolution of traditional work cut consumption broken time-consuming , better environmental protection and automation of production capacity and continuous operation of the corporate image.
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