Resin bond Centerless Diamond Grinding Wheel

Resin bond Centerless Diamond Grinding Wheel

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Centerless diamond grinding wheel
Centerless Grinding Wheels

Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel is a technology that has emerged in many applications. Because Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel can effectively reduce the work of people in the core polishing process on the work of the unit spacing or fix it on the fixture. The two most common forms of coreless grinding wheels are feed energy feeding and lateral cutting.
Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel working procedure is to use a conventional grinding wheel to make the joint of the object into a round shape. In the process, Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel interacts with the conventional grinding wheel, which acts as a grinding and propulsion braking element, and works with the processed item, and assumes its main role.
Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel is a high-precision technical operation. It is generally used on high-capacity polishing with special requirements for shape/size. However, Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel high precision requirements are only equivalent to the abrasive wheel working in harsh conditions.

Applicable of Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel
Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel are mainly used for cylindrical grinding of cemented carbide Allen drill balls, jewel bearings, ceramic work and ferrite, NdFeB magnetic materials.
Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel use for All kinds of coordinate grinder, tool grinder and complex cutting special grinding machine Grinding is the semi-finishing and finish machining of one of the main processing method,Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel is the important tool of grinding,Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel is generally installed in plane grinding, cylindrical grinding machine and internal grinder, can also be installed on the grinding machine for grinding tool.

Specification Of Centerless diamond Grinding Wheels:
Model D (Mm) H (Mm) T (Mm) X (Mm)
9A1 200 75 50 5, 10
305 120 150 5, 10
350 127 125 5, 10
400 203 150 5, 10
455 228.6 205 5, 10
500 127 125, 150, 200 5, 10
600 305 200, 400, 600 10
Other Specification Can Be Made According To Customers Requirements

Now we can provide you with outer diameter 100 mm to 600 mm between the various specifications of centerless grinding wheel, and can according to customer special requirements for special products, meet your most demanding needs.

Advantage of Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel
1.The high resistance of bad working conditions such as high fever
2.For a variety of processing items of multi-functional use
3.High cutting ability
4. High equilibrium ability expanded covering interval
5. The geometry of high-performance components
6.On the surface of the grinding wheel cant continue 8. Lower production costs

How to use the Centerless diamond Grinding Wheel safely

1. Before starting the machine tool, check whether the protective device of the machine tool and the reset switch of various actions are in place and firm.
2. The protective cover used should cover at least half the diameter of the grinding wheel.
3. After the grinding wheel is installed on the spindle of the grinding machine, it must be idling and the idle time is not less than 5 minutes.
4. It is not a grinding wheel that is specially used for end-face work. It is forbidden to use grinding wheel end face for grinding.
5. When start grinding you do not use the lever to push the workpiece to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel. 
6. When grinding or dressing the grinding wheel, the amount of knife must be appropriate, and use a special dressing tool to dress the grinding wheel.
7. Turn off the coolant before the grinding wheel stops rotating so as not to affect the balance performance of the grinding wheel.
8. It is forbidden to use a grinding fluid that is destructive to the abrasive bond.

Centerless Wheels For The Centerless Grinding Machines:
Centreless (Centerless) Grinding Can Perform Excellent Roundness Of The Work Piece.The Workpiece Is Supported By A Work Rest Blade And Set Between A Rubber Regulating Wheel That Rotates The Workpiece And A Rotating Grinding Wheel.The Mainly Centerless Grinding Machines: Koyo, Crystec, Dedtru, Landis , Okuma, Paragon, Royal Master, Unison, WMV And So On.
Resin bond Centerless Diamond Grinding Wheel

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