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rice protein meal

rice protein meal

Product groupAnimal Feed
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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 25kgs/bag; 50kgs/bag
Delivery Detail: within one week
1. animal feed rice protein meal
2. crude Protein 65%min
3. accpet small order
4. 24 hours online service
animal feed rice protein meal
Our specifications of animal feed rice protein meal:
Appearance:Light grey powder(pellet)
Crude Protein more than 65%
Crude Fat less than 3.0%
Crude Ash less than 5.0%
Crude Fiber less than 3.0%
Moisture less than 10.0%
Applications of rice protein meal:
Rice protein meal is mainly used to feed the animals. The rice protein meal which is the byproduct of rice starch is rich in nutrition. Rice protein meal plays an important role in helping animals grow and against illness. As an good additive to animal fodder, rice protein meal makes the animals grow stronger and eat more.
Especially, we can make sure that the rice protein meal is a necessary ingredient for animal fodder. So we should make best use of the rice protein meal. For one thing, rice protein meal can release the burden of the limited marine source. For another rice protein meal can improve feed energy, reduce feed cost and promote livestock's growing. Maybe that's why it is paid more attention.
rice protein meal

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