Safety Scalpel

Safety Scalpel

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CategoryHealth & Medical
Product groupThe Basis of Surgical Instruments
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1. Safety Mode: When you retract back after fully extending the blade, it makes a click sound to denote it is in safety mode. Safety mode means that the scalpel is not fully extended. This feature avoids injuries when the blade is half way extended as it retracts back and does not pierce through. It has to be fully extended to use.
2. Safety Lock: if you completely retract back it makes a loud click denoting it is in safety lock position. Safety lock position means that the blade cannot be reused once it is in lock position. This feature forces the doctor to dispose the product and minimizes the risk of transmissibility of blood-borne infectious agents.
3. Compatible for a left handed as well as right handed surgeons.
4. Safety feature in pre use and post use of product.
5. One-handed activation allowing the clinician to focus on the surgical site.
6. The retractable design protects the blade from exposure, minimizing the risk of accidental cuts.
7. Universal size handle that fits all types of hand sizes, and ideal for kits, trays & packs.
8. One handle size fits all blade sizes.

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