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Server Room & Datacentre (Data center) construction Turnkey Solution provider

Server Room & Datacentre (Data center) construction Turnkey Solution provider

Control Technologies
United Arab Emirates
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We offer Turkey solution for Server room & Data center complete site Preparation. In nutshell we offer Power, cooling and Monitoring solution for Tier I to Tier IV Datacenter and server rooms. We specialize in planning, designing, engineering, constructing Datacentre or Server room or Computer rooms with modern technologies. We do sizing & selection of various equipment like datacenter equipment such as UPS, Precision Air conditioner, Fire suppression, raised flooring, water leak detection system, environmental monitoring system, Static Transfer switch etc. As part of Datacenter and server room preparation, we do supply installation and commissioning of following equipment:

1) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): We offer Three phase or single phase, redundant or standalone UPS with required battery backup time ranging from 1kvA to 4800kVA.
2) Close Control Unit (CCU) or Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) or Precision Air Conditioner: We do sizing, supply, installation & commissioning of CRAC unit from 1kw to 180kw down/up flow type, chilled water or DX type.
3) Fire Suppression: We offer clean fire suppression system such as HFC-227e agent which is recommended for Server room and datacenter. Specialty of HFC-227e agent is it is very quick and do not leave any residue. It also called as FM200.
4) Raised Flooring: We offer different type of raised flooring or access flooring along with perforated tile for server room.
5) Water Leak Detection System.
6) Environmental monitoring system for server room which can monitor temperature & humidity in server room and can notify user through email, SMS or alarms.
7) Static Transfer Switch (STS): We offer Single & Three phase static transfer switch of 2 pole or 3 pole or 4 pole type.
8) Power Backup, conditioning and security equipments such as Generator, ATS, Transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS), access control etc.

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Sharjah, UAE.
T: +971 6 5489626
Mobile: +971 55 2338912 / +971 50 1537113
F: +971 6 5489627
Server Room & Datacentre (Data center) construction Turnkey Solution provider

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Control Technologies
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Phone: 0552338912
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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Close Control Unit (CCU)
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