Shallow Ion Daf

Shallow Ion Daf

by Hudong Mascot Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
China | Manufacturer
Product groupWater Treatment Machinery
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Significant Advantage
All series treatment ability
Water residence time 3~5min
Air dissolution rate 27%
Ion bubble diameter 3~7μm
Surface loading up to 15-40m3/m2/h
SS removal rate over 95%-99.5%, SS of outlet water can be reduced less than 1-10mg/L
COD、color, turbidity, oil removal rate 60~99%
"0 speed"and "shallow tank"technology, vertical seperation for floc, no disturbance, high seperation efficiency

Shallow Ion Dissolved Air Flotation, DAF Water Treatment, Municipal Manufacturer, Plant

Why choose
Suitable for high,medium,low concentration sewage, good performance of anti impact force
Clarified water by dissolved air and micro bubble manufacturing technology (patent technology)
Efficient stability under 87 ℃
Single operation capability 1m3/h - 6000m3/h
Less land need, overhead, stacked structure or set on building
Instant power on and off

Application Fields
It is highly efficient used in municipal raise standards, desalination, water reuse, river and reservoir water, tap water, petroleum and chemical industry , mineral processing, coal, slaughtering, breeding industry, food and beverage, brewing, kitchen waste, refuse leachate, tanning, pharmaceutical, surface treatment(electroplate,PCB,pickling) electroplating, bath water, Papermaking, pulping, printing and dyeing for waste water treatment and sludge concentration, material recovery, oil removal, algae and phosphorus removal.

Shallow Ion Dissolved Air Flotation, DAF Water Treatment, Municipal Manufacturer, Plant
As a shallow ion dissolved air flotation manufacturer, we can provide high quality wastewater daf, dissolved air filtration, daf filter and daf sludge.
Shallow Ion Daf
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