slitting line for sale

slitting line for sale

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Product groupCoil Slitting Machine
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A Slitting Line is used to break master coils down into smaller coils of a specific width and or weight. A Slitting Line will uncoil a master coil and slit it to a specified width(s). The slit coils sometimes referred to as “mults” or “strips” are then recoiled. The finished slit coils produced by Slitting Lines are used in a wide variety of applications such as roll forming, stamping operations, and tube production. When considering a Slitting Line and the proper line configuration for your application, there are several variables you should consider. The thickness of the material, the type of material, the weight of the coils to be produced, as well as annual volume to be processed all influence the line configuration and capabilities required for a successful installation.
slitting line for sale

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