Tamper Evident Security Label

Tamper Evident Security Label

by Unimark Technology Co., Ltd
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The pre-designed hidden message with adhesive under a transparent carrier layer will be totally transferred to the applied object at every attempt of opening. And there has no adhesive residue remains on the facestock. So It cannot be used again.

Full transfer tamper proof materials including low residue tamper proof void materials and high residue tamper proof security label materials two types. Low residue void label is that the "VOID" message transferred onto the application surface and the other parts remains on the lift security label, but the high residue void security label is opposite that the "VOID" message remains on the lift security label and the whole other parts transferred onto the application surface.

- Once removed, the adhesive under a full transparent layer will be completely transferred to the applied surface.
- There is no adhesive left on the PET film, and cannot be used again.
- Color, size, hidden message and etc. can be customized for a unique requirement.
- It is topcoated for all kinds of printing on surface of the materials.
- Suitable for using on non-recyclable smooth and even rough surface, carton boxes, painted metal, woods, plastic and packaging.
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