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Temperature Cycling Test Chamber

Temperature Cycling Test Chamber

by Asli (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd
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Warranty1 year
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Hot and Cold Temperature Cycling Test Chamber

Hot and cold temperature cycling test chamber is used to test the capability of material structure or composite materials to withstand the continuous environmental changes between extremely high temperature and low temperature during a short period, and therefore understand the chemical changes or physical damages caused by expansion from heat and contraction from cold in the shortest possible time. It is applicable to metals, plastic, rubber, electronics amongst other materials. The test result can be used as a reference or basis for product improvement.

Technical Parameters:
1.Model: TS-42(A~C)
2.Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm): 400x350x350
3.External Dimension WxHxD (mm): 1400x1800x1400
4.Temperature Range of Testing zone:
Type A:-40 ℃~+150℃ ( 200℃ is Optional)
Type B:-55℃ ~+150℃ ( 200℃ is Optional )
Type C:-65℃ ~+150℃ ( 200℃ is Optional)
5.High temperature Range of Testing zone: +60ºC~+150ºC ( 200ºC is Optional);
6.Low Temperature Range of Testing Zone: -10ºC~-40ºC / -55ºC / -65ºC
7.Exposure Time of High/Low Temperature:
Exposure Time of High Temperature: +60℃ ~ +150℃ (200℃ is Optional) 30Mins
Exposure Time of Low Temperature : -10℃~Type A:-40℃ / Type B -55℃ / Type C -65℃ 30Mins
8.Temperature of Heat-Storing Slot / Heating Time: RT~200℃/About 45mins
9.Temperature of Cool-storing Slot / Cooling Time RT~-75℃/ About 100mins
Temperature Recovery Time / Conversion Time ≤5min/≤5sec
10.Control Accuracy / Distribution Uniformity: ±0.5℃/±2℃
11.Internal and External Material: Material of the inner box is SUS 304# stainless steel,of the outer box is stainless steel or see cold-rolled steel with paint coated.
12.Insulation Material: High temperature resistant , high density , formate chlorine , ethyl acetum foam insulation materials
13.Mechanics: P.I.D+S.S.R+ Micro-computer balanced temperature control system
14.Cooling System: Semi-hermetic double-stage compressor(water-cooled type) /Hermetic double-stage compressor (air-cooled type)
15.Security Protection Devices: Non-fuse breaker, high and low pressure protective switch of the compressor , refrigerator high-pressure protective switch , failure warning system, electronic alarm
16.Accessories: viewing window(special order)
17.Compressor: French 'Tecumseh' Brand, Germany Bizer Brand
18.Power: AC220V 1∮ 3 lines ,50/60HZ, AC380V 3∮ 5 lines ,50/60HZ
19.Weight (Approx): 450 Kg 600 Kg 750 Kg 900 Kg 1300 Kg 1500 Kg

Hot and Cold Temperature Cycling Test Chamber Features:
1.It is divided into three zones: high temperature zone, low temperature zone, and testing zone. The test sample is in static mode.
2.Using touch-control graph control as operation interface, easy to operate.
3.Applying wind route conversation to the shock method to distribute temperature to the testing zone for cold and thermal shock measurement.
4.For high temperature shock or low temperature shock, max. time is up to 999H, and max. circulation cycles are 9999 times.
5.The system can be used for automatic Circulation Shock or manual selective shock.
6.Adopt binary cooling system, with quick cooling effect. Cooling method is water cooling.
7.Can entering normal temperature. RS-232 and RS-485 communication.
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