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Touchscreen Conductive Embroidery Thread

Touchscreen Conductive Embroidery Thread

by Scion Special Rope&Webbing Co.,Ltd
China | Manufacturer
CategoryFabric & Textile Raw Material
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At present, the main specifications are 21s and 32S single yarn, 32S / 2 and 120d / 2 conductive embroidery thread for touch screen gloves are available, there is also a 20s / 2 conductive sewing thread, which can be fixed dyed in various colors. The yarn composition is polyester, cotton and short metal fiber, with metal content of 24%. 20s / 3 and 250D / 3 can also be customized to spin other components or other specifications of conductive yarn according to the needs of customers. The conductive yarn can also be used for other kinds of products that need to be anti-static and have excellent conductivity.


① It has passed the national point-to-point resistance test and embraces excellent conductivity. The power of the surface resistance 10^3, the measured resistance of the multimeter reaches to 23 ohms.

② Silver fiber material is contained, the surface conductivity can reach 10^3 to the 10^6 of the customer's requirement, which is equipped with the functions of anti bacteria, anti radiation, anti odor and temperature regulation for human body. Moreover, it is suitable for the sewing use of anti-static and conductive products in various fields.

③It is made of polyester cotton and conductive metal fiber, with sensitive touch screen, bright color and strong color fastness. It is dyed with reactive dyes, with no harm to skin.

Specifications:30S/2, 20S/2

Color: Customized dyeing, color fastness level reaches to 4-5.


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