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viscose lamianted PE film with glue

viscose lamianted PE film with glue

by Xinle Huabao Medical Products Co., Ltd
China | Manufacturer
CategoryPackaging & Printing
Product groupPlastic Film
Bikudo Id862090


) Weight: 30g/sm--300g/sm
2) Width : 1.6m 2.4m .3.2m
3) Composition : 100% Polypropylene
4) Roll length: According to Customers' Request
5) Max. Roll Diameter: 1.1m
6) Characteristics : Our compound nonwoven fabric includes thermal bonded
nonwoven, glue bonded nonwoven, surgical application material and hygienic
application material, composed of two layers spunbonded fabrics and one or two
layers MB fabrics. .
7) Applications: Medicial treatment sanitation and lab our protective products ,
such as surgical gown and cap, washing clothes, hand bag. Environment and
sanitation products, such as percolation non woven fabric, absorb fat non woven
fabric, wet mop non woven fabric.Heat-insulated raw material and costume
assistant fabric .

Items Specification Results
Material structure Nonwoven covered PE conform
Overall size ± 1cm
Folded Size ± 0.5cm
Weight of nonwoven (g/m2) ± 1g/m2
Weight of foil (g/m2) ± 1g/m2
Color Blue conform
Fluorescence No conform
Tensile strength MD≥ 30 N/5 cm 52N
CD≥ 10 N/5 cm 33N
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