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Vocation Modular Prefab Cabin for Log Homes

Vocation Modular Prefab Cabin for Log Homes

by Hebei Weizhengheng Modular House Tech. Co., Ltd
China | Manufacturer
CategoryConstruction & Real Estate
Product groupPrefab Houses
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Vocation Modular Prefab Cabin for Log Homes
We are a leading designer and manufacturer of modular prefab cabins and prefab log homes with professional engineer and skilled workers. Our log cabins are ideal choice for second homes, rental cabins, resort and vacation cabins, retail stores, or your dream office. It will offer the most available living space by the lowest possible cost, which will be a perfect place for spending time and sharing meals.

Our prefab log cabin will be built by light steel framing material or customized foam cement board, it can be assembled very easy and fast without any large machine help, the exterior decoration material also can be changed conveniently. We also can design the most suitable floor plan based on clients’ requirement.

1. Wind Resistance: can suffer hurricanes with 60 m/s speed
2. Thermal Insulation: we choose glass wool as the basic thermal insulation material, it is also easy to add XPS board to increase the insulation performance if lived in extremely cold places.
3. Long life span: 50~70 years
4. Save 40%~60% labor cost and construction time than traditional house
5. Environment friendly: all the materials for the house can be recycled

Delivery Port : According to customer requirements
Packaging & Delivery
Packing :According to customer requirements
Delivery Lead Time : 25 days
S upply Ability : 8000 M2/month
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