Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

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Reverse Osmosis RO System Water Treatment
It can be used in various commercial fluids, including drinking water, carbonated beverages, juice, tea and alcohols.
(1)Raw water→ Raw water tank→Raw water pump
(2)Quartz sand filter→ Activated carbon filter→Sodium-ion exchanger→Ultra filter
(3)High pressure pump Reverse Osmosis
(4)Qzone sterilizer→ Pure water tank.

* Introduction
First stage pretreatment.(Sand filter)
The use of multi-medium quartz sand filters, main purpose is to remove the water contains sediment, manganese, rust, colloid material, mechanical impurities, suspended solids and other particles in the above 20UM of substances hazardous to health.

Second stage pretreatment (Carbon filter)
Activated carbon filters used to remove the pigment in the water, smell, a large number of chemical and biological organisms, reducing the residual value of water and pesticide pollution and other harmful pollutants.

Third stage pretreatment (Resin softener)
Cationic resin used for water softening, primarily to remove hardness of water. So as to effectively prevent the reverse osmosis membrane fouling. System can automatically recoil, and so is red.

Fourth stage pretreatment (Micron filter)

Particle size in water to remove fine particles, sand filters can remove very small colloidal particles in the water, so that the turbidity reached 1 degree.

RO system
The core equipment of water pump is imported and the membrane film is imported from Hydranautics in America. It is equipped with full set of clean unit. It has the features of simple structure, convenient operation and high technological level.

* Operating Parameters

1. Operating Pressure: < 300 psig

2. Maximum Recovery: 60% - 75%

3. Nominal Rejection: 95-99%

4. Operating Temperature: 2-35 ºC

5. Minimum Inlet Pressure: 30 psig

6. Design Temperature: 25 ºC
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