Wavy Board Production Line

Wavy Board Production Line

by Qingdao JBD Machinery Co., Ltd
China | Manufacturer
Product groupPlastic Extruders
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wavy board, glazed tile production line
PC corrugated board has the merits of good weather resisting property, impact resistance, high light transmission. It is widely used in the roof for warehouses and easy constructions, such as stadium, swimming pools, skiing fields, station rest pavilions and so on.

PVC corrugated board has the merits of erosion resistance, workability and low cost. It is widely used in workshops, warehouses, carports, sheds, agricultural and construction sheds, etc.

Uses: High-end factory building, steel structure plant, warehouse, farmer's market, market access, carports and other high-end roofing materials. It is especially effective in corrosive factories such as ceramics factories, chemical plants, bleaching and dyeing plants, smelters, and fertilizer plants.

The advantages of this production line:
1. Designed for high-filling formulas, specially designed screws ensure good plasticization under low-cost formulas,resulting in better product quality
2. Molding mold cooling fast, easy adjustment
3. Hanger-type die makes material flow smoothly and does not accumulate material
4. Hydraulic cutting machine, cutting fast and safe
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