Electrical Rotary Coach Door Systems

Electrical Rotary Coach Door Systems
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Dec 16, 2011
Jul 4, 2018
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Electrical Rotary Bus Door System


Application: shuttle bus, light and medium coach, utility vehicle, limo-bus and midi-bus.

System Component: Rotary actuator assembly, Shaft assembly and Door panel assembly.

1) The Actuator assembly consist of welding motor structure and unit assemblage of pivoted arm.

2) The shaft assembly is designed for easy installation and maintenance.

3) The door panel is made of aluminum alloy, which has the attributes of light weight, high strength and long life.

Operating principle:

1)Auto operation :It uses direct current motor as power supply, controlled by power switch. The axle of motor rotates clockwise(or anticlockwise).The rotation is decelerated by a turbine-worm gear and two pairs of other gears. When there is rotary moment on the output axes of operator, the door will be opened(closed).After the door and door frame touch, screw lifting mechanism of pivoted arm will begin work, the door will be lifted, and the four locks installed on the door and door frame will be locked.

2)Emergency release: In case of emergency, put the red handle in manual position, the door can be opened by hand easily.

3)Prevent from clipping: In the process of closing door, if something or somebody blocks it, the prevention from clipping will work immediately, and the door will open automatically.

Main Parameter:

Specified voltage

Electric motor specified power

Working speed

Max lifting height of the door

Rotary moment
More than 1000N.m
More than 1000N.m

Lifting load
Less than 1000N
Less than 1000N

Current of working
Process of revolution--3.5A
Process of revolution--3A

Process of lifting--MAX 7A
Process of liftin--MAX 6A

Allowed ambient temperature

Durability of mechanism

Durability of electric