20W VHF UHF Bi-directional Ampliifer BDA

20W VHF UHF Bi-directional Ampliifer BDA
Room A701, HuaFeng Building, XinAn Sixth Road, Subdistrict 82, BaoAn District, Shenzhen, China
Warranty:1 year


Main Item Specification(on user requirement)
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Frequency Range 380-385MHz 390-395MHz 390-395MHz
410-415MHz 420-425MHz
450-457.5MHz 460-467.5MHz
806-824MHz 851-869MHz
Sub-band width 0.2-25MHz (Customized in advance)
Sub-band number 2
ALC Output increment will not exceed 2dB when input increase 20dB
Frequency Error Less off 0.5ppm
Gain Control Range 30dB
RF Output Power 40dBm 43dBm
Gain 90dB 95dB
Noise Figure Less 5dB
Group Delay Less 5us
IMD3 In-band Less -50dBC/30KHz
Out-band (0ff 2.5MHz) Less 36dBm/30KHz at 9KHz-1GHz
Less 30dBm/30KHz at 1GHz-12.75GHz
Out-band Rejection Less -40dB at off 2.5MHz
Les -60dB at off 10MHz
Spurious emission Less -36dBm/30KHz at 9KHz-1GHz
less-30dBm/30KHz at 1GHz-12.75GHz
VSWR 1.5
Power Supply 110VAC/220VAC/-48VDC/+24VDC
Size 610mmx440mmx250mm
Weight About 35Kg
Relative humidity Less 95%
Operation Configuration LCD Display, Manual Key-press
Local PC RS232 Port
Remote MODEM
Others Refer to user manual for more specification
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