Desktop Microcomputer Tension Testing Machine

Desktop Microcomputer Tension Testing Machine
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Desktop Microcomputer Tension Testing Machine

Computer Servo Tensile Tester /technical parameters:
Capacity (Kg):50,100,200,500,1000,2000,5000,10000,20000
Load Accuracy:0.5%
Load Resolution:1/100,000
Valid Width (mm):400
Motor:AC servo motor
Volume W*H*D (mm):1750*3310*1220
Weight (Kg):300
Power:AC220V 1 3 lines;AC380V 3 5 lines
Max. Route (mm):1000(not including clamp)
Test Speed (mm/Min.):0.1~500(1000)
Speed Accuracy:about 0.5 percent

Tensile Strength Tester/application:
Computer Servo Tensile Tester is an electrically operated machine that is used for testing tensile strength and elongation of materials like plywood,wires,cables,conductors,ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Tensile Tester/features:
1.Force value and deformation can display at the same time.
2.Drive by servo motor,stand-alone can sent testing speed directly.
3.Press Start button the machine will testing automatic after setting.
4.After finishing testing,it can self-return.
5.Fast disassembly joint,can use different kinds grips.
6.Single button testing function,easy operation
7.Direct-connected to printer,print out report.
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