Customized saturated type PCT test equipment

Customized saturated type PCT test equipment
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Customized saturated type PCT test equipment

Aging chamber/application:
Pressure Accelerated Aging Test Chamber (PCT Chamber) is widely applied for the testing of sealing property for multi-layer circuit board, IC sealing package, LCD screen, LED, semi-conductor, magnetic materials, NdFeB, rare earths and magnet iron, in which the resistance to pressure and air tightness for above mentioned products can be tested out.

PCT Chamber/safety device:
1.Safety device for the pot: If the inner box is not closed , the machine can not start
2.Safety Valve: When the inner box is pressure higher than the machine is undertake value, it will self-relieve.
3.Double overheat protection device: When inner box is temperature is too high, it will alarm, and Automatic cut off the heating power.
4.Cover protection: The inner box is cover is made of aluminum alloy, can protect the worker from scald.

Saturated PCT Chamber/technical parameters:
2.Internal Dimension ×D (mm):650×750
3.External Dimension ×D (mm):1200×1700×1250
4.Humidity of Saturated Steam: 100%RH saturation steam humidity.
5.Steam Pressure (Absolute Pressure): 101.3Kpa +0.0Kg/cm2 ~ 2.0Kg/cm2; (3.0Kg/cm2 is special standard)
6.Recursive Device: Steam Natural convection circulation
7.Temperature Range of Saturated Steam (Operating temperature): (Temperature Range of Saturated Steam:100celsius degree~135celsius degree) , Temperature Range: 120celsius degree,100Kpa/ 133celsius degree 200 Kpa ;(143celsius degree is special order)

Warranty: one year free warranty for whole set machine,lifelong time maintainance.
After-sale service: feedback within 2 hours after get the call.
Service:OEM service,Design service,Buyer lable service.
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