Temperature Loop Equipment

Temperature Loop Equipment
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Temperature Loop Equipment

High and low temperature is mainly aimed at electrical and electronic products, as well as its original components, and other materials stored at high temperature, low temperature environment, transport, the use of adaptive testing. The test equipment is mainly used for products in accordance with national standards or user-defined requirements at low and high temperature conditions, and other relevant physical characteristics of the product environment simulation test, after the test, by testing to determine the performance of the product , is still able to meet predetermined requirements in order for the product design, improvement, identification and factory inspection by.

Temperature Cyclical Equipment/Technical Parameters
1.Temperature range: -40 degree ~ 150 degree
2.Temperature uniformity: (=/<) 2 degree (no load)
3.Temperature fluctuation: (+/-) 0.5 degree (no load)
4.temperature deviation: (=/<) (+/-) 2 degree
5.Humidity range: 20% ~ 98% R.H
6.Humidity Uniformity: +2% -3% R.H
7.humidity fluctuation: (+/-) 2%
8.humidity deviation: (=/<) +2% -3% R.H

Cycling Temperature Equipment/Control Systems
1.temperature and humidity control instrument used (Korea TEMI880) full import of large screen TFT screen (5.7-inch LED display), a simple screen operation and programming easy, no key input, direct touch screen option;
2.Accuracy: 0.1 degree (display range);
3.Resolution: (+/-) 0.1 degree;
4.temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance thermometer body;
5.Control: thermal equilibrium humidity thermostat; temperature and humidity control using PID + S.SR coordinated control system;

Temperature Cyclical Chamber/Use site conditions:
1.Temperature: 15 degree ~ 35 degree
2.Relative humidity: not more than 85% RH
3.Around without strong vibration, no strong electromagnetic fields
4.No high concentrations of dust around and corrosive substances
5.No direct sunlight or other sources of heat radiation
6.No strong airflow around when you need to force the ambient air flow, air flow should not be blowing directly on the box.
7.Chamber should be placed smoothly, maintain the level.
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