LC-530 PRP kit Centrifuge LCD Display 5300rpm, 50ml, 60ml syringe

LC-530 PRP kit Centrifuge LCD Display 5300rpm, 50ml, 60ml syringe
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Model: LC-530
Max. RCF: 4900*g
Max. Speed: 4200r/min
Noise: <55dbA
Rotor capacity: Syringe 4* 60/50ml, Adapter: 30ml, 20ml, 10ml
The shortest short-term centrifugal acceleration/Deceleration time: 28/30s
Accuaracy: +-28r/min
Net weight: 45KG
Time range: 0~99min
Rotors are for available for your choice. Please contact us freely.

Multifunction fat and stem cells purified PRP centrifuge, fat can be purified and used for professional PRP purification; use 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, the conventional syringe. Rapid separation and purification of fat and PRP, to improve the survival rate of fat in the centrifuge speed, time, centrifuge force, diameter, so a lot of research, developed a specialized fat grafting and transplantation of the multi-PRP centrifuge purification, as the skin is autologous blood Health and surgical technique improve the efficiency, shorten the operation time, maximize the surgery in the survival rate of the fat and the PRP, the transplant operation simple and convenient, plastic surgeon is the most preferred.
Product Description
1. CE, IS09001 certification.
2. Computer control, high precision.
3. Case of high strength ABS plastic injection molded disposable, simple and compact, lightweight, low noise.
4. Advanced CPU control system, the microcontroller can control the speed, time and relative centrifugal force.
5. The use of high torque direct drive DC motor, speed down a short time, speed more precisely, step by centrifugal force centrifugal speed .
6. Stainless steel cavity, solid construction, suitable for continuous use, inflatable spring, easy open lid, automatic locking lid to ensure safe
7. Large-screen LCD display, Rotating single-button control, simple operation.
8. With door protection, speeding over-temperature and unbalance protection, can process real-time monitoring of the centrifuge to ensure the safe operation of equipment.
9. Rotating single-button control, button to activate the option, rotating the option to change the parameters of the other three keys used only for start, stop and open the door cover.
10. Operation ends, an error and imbalance, the sound signal prompt, and stop running, the LCD text display.
11. All specifications for routine blood collection tubes, disposable 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml.
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