Tantalum Sheet

Tantalum Sheet
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Tantalum Sheet & Tantalum Plate Products Standard
All tantalum sheet and tantalum plate (UNS R05200, UNS R05400), Ta2.5W sheet and Ta2.5W plate (UNS R05252), Ta10W sheet and Ta10W plate (UNS R05255), Ta-40Nb sheet and Ta40Nb plate (UNS R05240) follow ASTM B708.

Tantalum Sheet & Tantalum Plate Production Technology
Almost all tantalum plates use cold working methods. And most of all thick plates are annealed in vacuo. Since there is no phase transition, the speed of heating and cooling is not important. Usually we use quadruplex rolling machine at this stage. And because tantalum is a soft metal, we should pay attention to avoid scratch during all process and delivery.

Usually start from 150 ~ 300mm tantalum ingot to 80 ~ 100mm thickness plate, then cold rolling from this plate. The compression ratio can be over 95%.

The typical rolling is under room temperature or similar to room temperature to avoid developing oxide at surface.

When heat rolling is needed, the temperature raises to 1000˚C and intense oxidation happens due to recrystallization.

Pure tantalum sheet, 90%Tantalum 10%Tungsten, 97.5%Tantalum 2.5%Tungsten, 60%Tantalum 40%Niobium sheet are all made by the above technology.
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