Cast Iron T-slot Plates

Cast Iron T-slot Plates
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The Cast Iron T-slot Plates is industrial measuring tool mainly used to secure work piece. The workers utilize it for debugging, installing, and maintaining the equipment. This kind of product could be manufactured with precision grade 1, 2, 3 or fine machining. Upon request, it can be made into the rib plate or box type in appearance, and its working surface could be rectangle, square, or round. Additionally, the working surface has been treated with the scraping technology, which allows it to have V, T, or U-shaped grooves, round holes, slot holes, or others that you required.

Materials and processing
The raw material of the cast iron T slotted plate is the high-strength cast iron HT200-300 whose surface hardness is of HB170-240. After two times annealing treatment, the cast iron surface plate has the features of steady precision and abrasion resistance.

The size range is from 100mm*100mm to 3000mm*8000mm. For the larger one, it can be used by the splicing method. In our factory, we also can make the special sized product according to your requirement.

Motor assembly test, Vibration test, Rail locomotives installation, Ship fitting, etc.
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