Pancake Slip Ring for Medical Equipment

Pancake Slip Ring for Medical Equipment
Hejing Industrial Park, Heping Fuyong, Baoan District Shenzhen, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Electrical Contacts and Contact Materials


When you have a height restriction, a "pancake" slip rings - also called a "flat" or "platter" ring - could be the best solution. These slip ring units are based on a disc shaped rotor, which is embedded with concentric grooves to carry the signal and power, with a brush block assembly mounted over the top to act as the stator. We can customize this type of slip ring from 4 to 50 channels,and any center bore size. Contacts use precious metals and operating speed depends on the number of channels and overall size of slip ring.

Ultra-thin design,the thickness reaches 15 mm min;
Center bore size can be customized;
Multi circuits/channels design can deliver both power & signal at the same time;
No need to maintain.

Channels : 1~50 Ways
Voltage : 240V AC/DC
Current Rating : 2A/Ring
Speed : 100PRM
Insulation Resistance : 1000Megohm@500VDC
Dielectric Strength : AC600V@60Hz, 60S
Electrical Noise : 60 milliohms MAX @ 5~10 rpm,50milliamps,6V DC
Lead Size/Type : AWG28 Sliver plated coppe,Type ET Teflon
Lead Lengths : 250mm
Operate Temp : -20 degree centigrade - +80 degree centigrade
Storage Temp : -30 degree centigrade - +90 degree centigrade

C.Typical Application:
Rotary tables, test equipments;
Robots,processing equipments and rotary sensors;
Medical equipment;
Radar System.

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