Hybrid Slip Ring for Packing Machine

Hybrid Slip Ring for Packing Machine
Hejing Industrial Park, Heping Fuyong, Baoan District Shenzhen, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Electrical Contacts and Contact Materials


Hybrid slip ring is designed for setup at the end of shaft or side of the machine,fit for passing fluid + signal or low current power. The slip ring is set in the body of rotary joint, and the wires of rotor lead out from the center. Rotor side has flanges for setup.

1) High quality bearing on both sides of shaft for smoothly operating;
2) High quality sealing materials for long life circle;
3) Special finished shaft provides a excellent wear resistance;
4) Al, Bass, stainless steel body for option;
5) Specially designed leak detection holes;
6) No need to maintain.

B.Technical specification:
Speed : 100Rpm
Operate temperature: -30 - 90 degree centigrade
protect degree: IP54
Housing: Al alloy

Part A:(Electornic Slip Rings)
Channels: 12 rings(for signal)
Operation Voltage: 0~240VAC/DC
Current: 2A/Ring
Contact material: Precious Metal
Electric Noise: Max.40megohm
Dielectric strength: 500VAC@50Hz,60s
Insulation resistance: 500Megohm @600VDC

Part B:(Rotary Joint)
Channels: 2 Ways
Pressure : 1.6Mpa Max
Media: compressed air/ vacuum

Water,compressed air,hydraulic fluid can be carried;
Speed up to 2500 RPM;
Pressure up to 25Mpa;
Operating Temp:-30-200 degree centigrade;
Single channel,multi channels for option;
Divided design,easy to assembly;
Flanges for setup.

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