LCD Display Centrifuge 16000rpm

LCD Display Centrifuge 16000rpm
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Category:Laboratory Centrifuge


Model: H-1600
Max. RCF: 17800*g
Max. Speed: 16000r/min
Max. Capacity: 12*10ml
Power: AC230V 50HZ
Power consumption drive: 370W
Dimension: 280*3600*470mm
Net Weight: 27KG
Time range: 0~99min
Speed accuracy: ±50r/min
Rotors are for available for your choice. Please contact us freely.
1. CE, IS09001 certification.
2. Microprocessor controlled, Programmable.
3. DC brushless motor, carbon powder pollution.
4. Low noise.
5. A variety of rotors, a variety of pipe support, user-selected.
6. with electronic door locks, over speed and imbalance protection, safe and reliable. With automatic functions.
7. LCD display. LCD screen is shown RPM/RCF, time and Minimum 10 memories of program.
8. LCD display, touch panel, automatic calculation of RCF values.
9. Operated by programming, convenient in operation.
10. ABS using, once completed.
11. Widely used in hospital, research institutes, laboratories and other biochemical serum, plasma, and pharmaceutical products for the qualitative analysis.
H-1600 Rotor Parameter:
Rotor Type Rotor No. Capacity (ml) Max Speed (r/min) Max RCF (*g) Test tube type
Angle rotor 1601 12x 1.5/2.2ml 16000 17800 Pp conical bottom with lid
1602 18x 1.5/2.2ml 16000 19030 Pp conical bottom with lid
1603 24x 1.5/2.2ml 13500 16500 Pp conical bottom with lid
1604 36x 0.5ml 13500 13250 Pp conical bottom with lid
1605 10x 5ml 13500 12920 Pp round bottom with lid
1606 12x 10ml 13000 15120 Pp round bottom with lid
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