Ultra-low temperature industrial using refrigerator for metal testing

Ultra-low temperature industrial using refrigerator for metal testing
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Microcomputer control, cascade temperature controller, digital temperature display, the regulation of unit 0.1degree, inside the temperature range -20 ~ -125 degree adjustable.
Multi-safety protection, more reliable operation.
France TECUMSEH compressor, Germany DANFOSS compressor, EMERSON compressor, automatic cascade refrigeration technology.
With self-diagnosis function, freezer overload protection, high pressure switches, overload relays, thermal protection device and other security functions, and fully guarantee the use of safety.Three sealed mold layer of insulation, Extra-thick high-density polyurethane foam insulation layer, the effect of good insulation; Inline vacuum insulation panels.
Human design, more convenient and flexible.Suitable for mechanical producing plant use.
Large condenser design, fully guaranteed plant environment cooling effect.
Wide volume ratio design, large load capacity design.
Can be set to open compressors and compressor off temperature.
Fault alarm (over-temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high alarm, overheat alarm compressor.
Delay boot protection.
So grounding components safely.
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