Bearing steel grit for sandblasting and granite cutting

Bearing steel grit for sandblasting and granite cutting
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Sample price:free
Lead time:3-5 days
SAE J444 sizes:
G10 G12 G14 G16 G18 G25 G40 G50 G80 G120

Steel Grit Specification:
Shape : angular
Hardness :GP:42 ~ 50HRC;GL:56 ~ 60HRC;GH:63 ~ 66HRC
Density : 7.4 g/cm3
Durability : >3000 times
Certificate ISO9001,SAEJ444,SGS

Chemical Composition:
Cr 0.60-1.60%
C 0.70 -1.20%
Mn 0.6 -1.20%
Si 0.40 -1.20%
S <0.05%
P <0.05%

Steel Grit Applications
1.Stone cutting
3.surface preparation before coating
4.surface roughing

We are manufacturer of abrasives media for more than 10 years experience. We produce steel grit, steel shot, garnet & steel cut wire shot.
If you are interested in our abrasives,welcome email us for more information.

Normal packing: 25kg/bag,then 40 bag per one ton bag/pallet
Delivery time: 3-5 days for one 20ft container.
Production ability: 1000 tons per month
Payment terms: T/T,L/C
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