-25 to 30 degree CE Certification and Top Working Condition bath circulator

-25 to 30 degree CE Certification and Top Working Condition bath circulator
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1.Temperature ranges from - 5 ~ - 150 degrees, can meet different
2.Adopt environmental protection refrigerants
3.Famous brand semi-closed piston compressor, semi-closed bipolar
piston compressor, semi-hermetic screw compressor, main brand are
BOCK. Bitzer, Copeland, Hanbell, fusheng; Plate heat exchanger, Small
volume, High efficiency
4.Top imported cold controller(DANFOSS pressure controller, balance
valve, expansion valve, solenoid valve, filter drier, Emerson oil separator,
ALCO liquid mirror, check valve, etc.)
5.Generator cooling water circuit use intermediate heat exchanger,
improve system reliability and safety.
6.DANFOSS electronic expansion valve, high precision control;
7.Adopt Siemens PLC S7-200/300, LNEYA touch screen, automatic control,
temperature curve display, temperature record U disk, fault alarm;
8.Large cooling capacity adopts semi-hermetic screw compressor,
electronic expansion valve control, high efficiency and energy saving;
9.Offer machine installation and system test, users only need to finish
the installation of refrigerant and cooling water;
10.Factory testing: each refrigerating unit is on load test of not less than
12 hours in the factory.
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