Hot selling chilling circulator made in China

Hot selling chilling circulator made in China
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Jul 17, 2017
Jul 20, 2018
1.Saving resources;closed cycle pipeline design highly prevent circulating water pollution and extend the lifetime of circulation liquid.

2.Multi-safety protection,more reliable operation.

3.Brand compressor,cascade refrigeration colling technologies.

4.Human design,more convenient and flexible.

5.Efficient two-condensate system.

6.Computer-cascade temperature controller,temperature figures display,adjustable unit is 0.1degree,temperature range is 125~-20 degree,PT100 temperature sensor.

7.Use of cold technology,can guarantee the stability of temeprature at low temperature.

8.Can set the temperature difference of compressor on/off.

9.Monitoring the ambient temperature,prevent temperature to be higher in the running system.

10.A variety of fault alarm (overtemperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheat alarm, liquid level alarm).

11.Power on delay protection,three-level cascade system protectors.

12.All parts are safety grounding.

13.Adopt full closed circulation design,no water vapor at low temperature and ensure the purity of cooling medium,in case of ice crystals,provide a long timelife of heat transfer liquid.

14.High-performance circulating pump, can guarantee 24 hours continuously running a day.

15.Use plate cool-heat-exchanger,heat transfer efficiency is provided.