Multi-functional Foreign Object Inspection System

Multi-functional Foreign Object Inspection System
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Multi-functional Foreign Object Inspection System

Main Functions:
System inspection sensitivity: -0.3mm
Through multi-layer signal processed perspective images, further improve extraction technology of foreign object signal, realizing various foreign objects inspection possibility.
Safe system operation, irradiation dose satisfy the requirements of WHO, ensure the safety of operator.
(optional X-ray dual energy digital detector, to distinguish two materials)

Main Parameters:
Voltage: 150kV
Power: 300W
Display screen: 21inch LCD screen
Object size: Max width 3800mm, Max height 220mm, support OEM
Belt width: 410mm
Transfer speed: 3-10m/min
Transfer weight: Max 5kg
Standard inspection function: Ligation detection, missing product detection, and shielding function

Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Working environment temperature: 0~35°
Machine material: Steel+stainless steel
Safety: X-ray leakage dose less than 1muSv/h, multiple safety interlock device

Inspection Ability
* Glass fragment
* Metal fragment
* Mineral
* High density plastic and rubber compound object
* Calcareous bone
* Filling detection
* Weight detection
* Seal inspection
* Component count

* Food
* Drinks
* Baby food
* Meat
* Instant food
* Dairy product
* Baked good
* Candy
* Snacks
* Medicine
* Sea food

Package Type
* High and hard container-glass
* High and hard container-metal
* High and hard container-ceramics
* Plastic container
* Carton/box/Tetra pak
* Pouch
* Bag/big bag
* Tray
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