Fixed-angle X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument

Fixed-angle X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument
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The instrument is specially designed for fixed-angle orientation, the system solve the big size crystal fixed-angle orientation in one system problem, ensures the big sized crystal orientation and splice.
The instrument up and down lifting system, backward- forward feeding system, and diffraction system are all driven by stepper motor, easy operating, and advanced PLC program is stable and reliable. The system is with low failure rate, it ensure the system could work a long time without failure. 
The special 2D clip's adjustable range of the system is ±4°, it can effectively support the orientation and splice of the crystal ingot which less than 300kg, the operator can easily set the orientation angle, special symmetrical locking device can eliminate the clip's loose problem cased by cutting and drawing out crystal bar. 360°rotating recheck finished by one key, it effectively reduced the operator's work quota, reduce single crystal ingot orientation time and increase the work performance.
The instrument uses a high advanced sensor which can automatically find a reference point , greatly improving the detection efficiency.

Main Parameters

Input current Single-phase AC voltage 220V,50HZ
x-ray tube: Copper target, air cooling, tube voltage 30kV, tube current 0-5mA
Counter: Geiger counter tube
Time constant: 1, 2, 3 gears
Angel display: According to standard radiographs and standard stick
Angel adjustment: Special 2D clip
Testing position: 0.5mm feeler
Before and
forth movement of work platform:  Motor and position limiting
Lift up and down:  Motor
Work platform rotation: Motor
Outside dimension: 1025mm×1230mm×1950mm
Weight: 620kg
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