X-ray Diffraction Instrument

X-ray Diffraction Instrument
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AL Series diffractometer is designed for materials research and industrial products analysis. It is the perfect combination of conventional analysis and special purpose measurement .
* The system is perfect combination of hardware and software, which meets the needs of academics and researchers in different application fields.
* High precision diffraction angle measurement system obtains more accurate results.
* High stability of the X-ray generator control system gets more stable repeat measuring precision.
* Programmable operation, integrated structure design, easy operation, elegant looks.
X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a versatile test instrument to reveal the crystal structure and chemical information:
* One or various phase identification of the unknown sample
* known phase of mixed samples quantitative phase analysis
* Crystal structure analysis
* Crystal structure changes under Unconventional conditions (high temperature, low temperature conditions)
* Material surface film analysis
* Metal material texture and stress analysis
Rated power 3000W
Tube voltage 10~60kV
Tube current 5~80mA
X-ray tube glass tube,ceramic tube,ripple ceramic tube:Cu, Fe, Co, Cr, Mo, etc. Power:2000W
Focus size 1×10mmor0.4×14mmor2×12mm
Stability <0.01%
Goniometer Structure Horzontal
Radius of diffraction 185mm
Scanning range 0~164
Scanning speed 0.0012°~70°min
Max.revolving speed 100°/min
Angle repeatable accuracy 1/1000°
Minimal stepping angle 1/1000°
Detector proportional counters(PC)or scintillation counters(CS)
Max. Linear counting rate 5×105CPS (with the compensate function of drop out counting)
Energy resolution ratio <25%(PC), <50%(SC)
Counting fashion differential coefficient or integral,PHA automatically, Dead time regulate
Stability of system measure <0.01%
Scattered rays dose <1micron Sv/h(without X-ray protective device)
Instrument integrative stability <0.5%
Outside size 1100×850×1750
X-ray diffractometer can analyze natural or synthetic inorganic or organic material, widely used in the field of clay minerals, cement building materials, environmental dust, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, asbestos, rock, polymer research.
* Base on geometry optical design is easy for sample preparation and the installation of various accessories
* The application of metal ceramic X-ray tube greatly improve diffractometer's operating power
* Closed proportional counter is durable and maintenance-free
* Silicon drift detector, with superior angular resolution and energy resolution, enables measurement speed increased by more than 3 times
* Varies diffractometer accessories meet different analytical purposes needs
* Modular design, known as plug-and-play components, allows operators to accurately use diffractometer corresponding attachments, without needing calculating optical system.
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