Frequency to Current/Voltage Isolated Transmitter

Frequency to Current/Voltage Isolated Transmitter
Shenzhen, China
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Frequency to Current/Voltage Isolated Converter/Transmitter
Product Listing samples:
1. Input:0-1KHz Power Supply:24V Output:0-5V Type No.:DIN11 IAP-F1-P1-V1
2. Input:0-5KHz Power Supply:12V Output:4-20mA Type No.:DIN11 IAP-F2-P2-A4
3. Input:0-10KHz Power Supply:24V Output:0-10V Type No.:DIN11 IAP-F3-P1-V2
4. Input:0-10KHz Power Supply:24V Output:4-20mA Type No.:DIN11 IAP-F3-P1-A4
5. Input:0-3KHz Power Supply:24V Output:0-10V Type No.:DIN11 IAP-Fu-P1-V2(Fu:0-3KHz)
>> Accuracy class: 0.2 /0.5
>> High linearity (non-linearity <0.1%)
>>Three isolation:2500VDC (auxiliary power / signal input / output signal)
>> Power supply: 5VDC/12VDC/24VDC
>> Input frequency signal 0-1KHz / 0-5KHz/0-10KHz
>> output standard 0-2.5V/0-5V/0-10V voltage signal
Or 0-10mA/0-20mA/4-20mA current signal
>> Small size, the standard DIN35 rail installation
>> Industrial temperature range: -20 to +85 ° C
Typical applications:
>> Frequency sensor signal acquisition, isolated converter
>> Inverter (FA) frequency signal acquisition
>> Generators, motors and other rotating equipment
>> Transformer frequency detection
>> Instrumentation and sensor signal transceiver
>> Non-power signal transmission
DIN11 IAP F-P-V (A) series frequency isolation transmitter, can change frequency signal to convert the standard isolated output signal in proportion.
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