Pulse Magnetron GLM5193

Pulse Magnetron GLM5193
Kunshan GuoLi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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Aug 23, 2017
Aug 3, 2020
GLVAC is the second company could manufacture technology of 2.6MW S-band pulse magnetrons in the world.

GLM5193 Pulse Magnetron is a high power microwave source specially designed and manufactured for electric linear accelerator, and has advantages such as high power, high efficiency and good stability etc. It is widely used in electric linear accelerator in medical treatment, security inspection, and flaw detection etc.

GLM5193 can directly replace( no need any adjustment or change) MG5193 in the application of kinds of linear accelerator.

Main parameters
Tuning Frequency Range 2993-3002MH z
Output >=2.6 MW
magnetic field permanent magnet
magnetic field intensity 1550±25 gauss
Cathode heating voltage 8.5V
Cathode heating current 9A
Max start current 20A
Cathode preheat time>= 3min
Anode voltage 48KV
Anode current 110 A
Working ratio 0.001
Pulse arising speed 120KV/us
Cooling water cooling
Outlet temp <50
Tuning turns 4.75
weight about8Kg
installation random