Polycarbonate Honeycomb Sheet Construction Material

Polycarbonate Honeycomb Sheet Construction Material
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Product specification:
Description: Special specifications and colors can be customized according to requirements.
Product description
The insulation performance of four-layer hollow PC sheet compared with the same thickness structure two-layer sheet and three-layer hollow sheet with higher strength, better sound insulation and better heat preservation, is the preferred material for greenhouses, stations, stadiums, shopping malls and other large buildings roof: using imported raw materials and advanced international polycarbonate production process. The surface uniform distribution and high purity UV co-extruded layer, can effectively absorb ultraviolet light, prolong the service life of the PC sheet.
Product features
Four Layer PC Hollow Sheet is a very good combination property engineering plastic with excellent physical ,mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. That is why it also called of transparent plastic king". And it have many merits of good impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, lighting, anti-UV, fire-retardation and so on. The PC hollow sheet Widely used in public & civil construction of the lighting sunshade, passage ceiling, highway sound barrier, marketplace coping, agricultural greenhouse, plant roofing and so on, it is the most desirable sunshine roof material in the world.
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